BIRN Serbia Sectors


BIRN Serbia strives to empower people to access their rights by providing accurate and relevant information.Through high-quality reporting and by creating a pool of skilled journalists, BIRN examines key processes, steers debates and provides the public with impartial and reliable information. BIRN Serbia  also monitors and advocates for the transparency and accountability of public institutions and enables civil society organisations, CSOs, and citizens to influence decision-makers., the training of journalists, monitoring and research, and assistance to institutional reforms.


BIRN Serbia's media production includes investigations, news and in-depth analysis of current political events and social and economic issues. BIRN Serbia's team produces investigations, data bases, news reports and analysis published on flagship website as well as cooperating with a variety of publications.


BIRN's team in Serbia aims to advocate for an improved media scene in the country, working especially to encourage public involvement in the process.


BIRN Serbia works to build media capacity by training local journalists and creating a space for coverage of pressing issues in the country.

In addition, regular in-house trainings were held for BIRN Serbia journalists. BIRN Serbia journalists also participate in regional trainings.

BIRN Serbia has facilitated public dialogue on crucial issues, ranging from the status of ethnic minorities to public finances.

Key stakeholders, including state representatives, other decision-makers, CSOs, experts, students, and media, are involved in the process of building capacity and actively participate in our events, contributing to mapping some crucial issues and points of future intervention.

Good Governance

The goal of BIRN Serbia's good governance programmes is to track reforms in Serbia, facilitate public dialogue, influence decision makers and increase public participation in political processes.


BIRN's team in Serbia works to promote good governance across the country through publications and public events.

BIRN Serbia advocates good governance through the organisation of events such as public debates, parliamentary hearings, budget forums, workshops and participatory budgeting, with the goal of enhancing public dialogue, particularly between ethnic minorities and the government.

Monitoring and Research

BIRN Serbia monitors public finances and state institutions, both through reports and events that draw public awareness to pertinent issues.


BIRN Serbia organises a number of events to promote good governance, ranging from online gatherings to public debates and hearings and focus groups.