The Voice of America

The Voice of America (VOA) provides trusted and objective news and information in 45 languages to a measured weekly audience of more than 236.6 million people around the world. VOA plays an important role as an unbiased, balanced, and trusted source of information in the entire Balkans region, aiming to help fight corruption and strengthen democracy and civil society in the regional countries.

VOA and the Balkans Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) have been working together to co-produce and broadcast independent journalistic investigations that shed light on the trends and loopholes that allow the illegal enrichment of elected officials in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia.


United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The United States has a long history of extending a helping hand to people overseas struggling to make a better life. It is a history that both reflects the American people’s compassion and support of human dignity as well as advances U.S. foreign policy interests.

In order to support these goals, President John. F. Kennedy created the United States Agency for International Development by executive order in 1961.

U.S. foreign assistance has always had the twofold purpose of furthering America’s interests while improving lives in the developing world. USAID carries out U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress at the same time it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners for the United States, and fosters good will abroad.

Spending less than 1 percent of the total federal budget, USAID works in over 100 countries to:

  • Promote broadly shared economic prosperity;
  • Strengthen democracy and good governance;
  • Protect human rights;
  • Improve global health,
  • Advance food security and agriculture;
  • Improve environmental sustainability;
  • Further education;
  • Help societies prevent and recover from conflicts; and
  • Provide humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.


US Embassy in Albania

The US Embassy in Tirana is the official representation of the United States in Albania. It is responsible for developing and maintaining relations between the United States and Albania.

Democracy Commission Small Grants Program

The Democracy Commission Small Grants Program supports initiatives of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in building the social and intellectual foundations of democracy, the democratic resolution of problems and the institutionalization of open, pluralistic political processes.

The Program funds projects throughout Albania in a variety of fields, including those related to: rule of law, respect for human rights, participatory governance, women’s empowerment, dispute reconciliation, economic reform, business development, civic education, media training, environmental awareness, anti-trafficking, domestic violence, anti-corruption, etc.


Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR)

YIHR was formed in 2003  in order to enhance youth participation in the democratisation of the society and empowerment of the rule of law through the process of facing the past and establishing new, progressive connections in the post-conflict region of the former Yugoslavia

The mission of YIHR is to protect the victims of human rights violations, establish new connections in the region among the post-war generations, and include the young in the process of transitional justice through promoting the truth about the wars in former Yugoslavia.

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights promotes truth, justice, responsibility and equality as basic values. The organisation has offices in Belgrade, Prishtina, Podgorica, Zagreb, and Sarajevo.