Serbian Media Cover Fight against Corruption Poorly

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Two years ago, when an action plan for the implementation of the country’s anti-corruption strategy was adopted in Serbia, media reported on this topic superficially, without deeper analysis and uncritically, according to a newly-published media content analysis by Tanja Maksic from BIRN Serbia.

At the presentation of the Alternative Report on the Implementation of the National Strategy for Combating Corruption, Maksic presented her analysis of articles devoted to this topic.

The average report published in the print media was short and factual, relying on officials and their agenda, and mostly positive when it came to anti-corruption measures, she said.

“There were no actors from civil society in the articles who could contribute to a more complete presentation of the theme to the public, especially because critical notes are coming from this part of society,” explained Maksic.

The Alternative Report was prepared by BIRN Serbia, the Belgrade Center for Security Policy and the Association of Prosecutors of Serbia as part of the project “Strengthening of External Oversight in the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy”.