Does Anyone Have a Plan? Premieres in Bucharest, Romania

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A dedicated audience of 40 attended the Bucharest premiere of BIRN’s documentary film “Does Anyone Have a Plan?” at the Center for Independent Journalism on February 8.

Guests included the Macedonian Ambassador, diplomats from Hungary, Serbia and the US, as well as other officials, editors and journalists.

“The film was really interesting and showed the complexity of the issues related to the present situation in Kosovo”, said Tihomir Ilievski, the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Romania. He also pointed out that his country is interested in a quick solution to Kosovo’s political status in the context of all the Balkan countries’ integration into the European Union.

“The documentary was very good, as it informed the general public in Romania about Kosovo in a clear way. Usually they are not well informed about the complexity of the situation there. BIRN is doing a good job in raising awareness about sensitive issues in the Balkans”, said Carmen Macavei, project manager at the Romanian Center for Independent Journalism in Bucharest.

For more information, contact BIRN Romania director Marian Chiriac.