Documentary Co-Produced by BIRN Wins Award

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The documentary ‘Flatland without Birds?’, about illegal hunting in Serbia, was named the best Serbian film at the Belgrade International Green Culture Festival, Green Fest.

The documentary by Dragan Gmizic, co-produced by BIRN Serbia and Greenfield Productions, examines how the hunting of turtle doves and quail is organised in Serbia, and asks how it can be controlled.

The film follows activists from the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia as they investigate the issue.

They find that each year in Serbia tens of thousands of these birds are being killed illegally.

Hunting inspectors, police and government officials usually turn a blind eye to the problem because they don’t care whether birds that inhabit the flatlands disappear or not.

The documentary was aired on TV N1, TV CG and Al Jazeera Balkans.

‘Flatland without Birds?’ was financially supported by BIRN.