Discussion: The resignation of the KPI’s director of investigations

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Justice in Kosovo broadcast a programme about the resignation of Valdet Hoxha, the former director of investigations at the Kosovo Police Inspectorate.

Among the questions discussed were: Why did Mr. Hoxha resign? What did police chief Fitim Shishani say to Mr. Hoxha about the possibility of a change in his job? What was Mr. Hoxha’s reaction? How did Jetullah Aliu take up the position? What is the relationship between Mr. Shishani and Mr. Aliu? What did Mr. Aliu do before? Was there any political interference in this transfer?

To discuss these and related issues, researcher Petrit Kryeziu interviewed:

  • Fitim Shishani, head of the KPI;
  • Valdet Hoxha, former head of investigations at KPI; and
  • Jetullah Aliu, the current head of investigations at KPI.

The interview started with Mr. Hoxha, who said that he believes his change of position was a form of political revenge, for being a member of the General Council of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) until 2006. He also said, “I have asked Mr. Shishani why I had to leave my position as investigations director. The answer I received was final: the person who shall fill this position is Jetullah Aliu.”

On the other hand, Mr. Shishani said “I have offered Mr. Hoxha a position that was at the same level as his previous one.”

However, he went on to say that the new position is not yet functional, and that “when Valdet Hoxha left the inspectorate, I was in an undesirable situation because I had not found the right person to perform as well as Mr. Hoxha had”.

“I appreciate the work Mr. Hoxha has done, but I think that I will give a greater contribution,” Mr. Aliu said. He then said “my history basically deals with the police. I consider that my knowledge in the investigative field is sufficient.”

He also claimed that he had received positive comments for his commitment in the police inspectorate.
Video: http://www.jetanekosove.com/drejtesia/943/Alb