BIRN Serbia Director Dragana Nikolic Solomon Takes Up OSCE Post

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Dragana Nikolic Solomon, BIRN Serbia director and editor, is to take up a new
post as Chief of the Media Department at the OSCE mission in Belgrade.

Dragana moved from London to Belgrade over three years ago at a crucial time
in the development of the BIRN network in Serbia, overseeing its evolution
into an effective, high-profile organisation.

She played a leading role
in the establishment of the BIRN Serbia network of journalists, from
recruitment and training to publishing their output in BIRN’s publication
Balkan Insight.

Nikola Lazic, a journalist from South Serbia, said,
"Since I have met Dragana, two years ago, I have advanced professionally very
much, thanks to her support. New opportunities have come my way, and in that
respect working with her has been tremendously important."

BIRN Serbia
is today in a unique position of having over forty trained journalists
throughout Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro who are becoming an important part
of our information network.

With her energy and enthusiasm, Dragana was
a dynamic member of the BIRN network and her colleagues will miss her

In her farewell note, she said the experience she gained through
working in BIRN was invaluable. "I would like to thank my colleagues for
their support. Working with you, I have been given an opportunity to learn
a lot. I will continue to follow BIRN’s activities and to read
BIRN’s articles with great interest."

Vacancy for an editor/trainer at BIRN Serbia