BIRN Interview with Holbrooke Broadcast on BHTV

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Bosnian television BHTV’s leading current affairs programme, Javna Tajna (Public Secret), broadcast BIRN’s interview with the former US Balkan envoy Richard Holbrooke on November 16.

In the interview, Holbrooke said that Kosovo’s independence was inevitable this year or next and that Serbia’s obstructive tactics, such as the adoption of a constitution that restates Serbia’s claim on Kosovo, won’t delay the inevitable.

Holbrooke said Serbia will have no choice but to accept the loss of Kosovo. He said the Serbian leadership faces a historic responsibility to face up to reality, but expressed scepticism about this happening soon.

The chief architect of Bosnia’s Dayton peace agreement rejected once again allegations about a US administration deal with Bosnian Serb wartime leader and indicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic that is said to have allowed him to walk away free in exchange for quitting public life. Holbrooke called for the arrest of all fugitive war crimes suspects.