BIRN Documentary gets own Website

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To respond to the phenomenal interest shown in BIRN’s latest film, Does Anyone Have a Plan?, a new area has been added to the Network’s website.

The documentary on the regional context for Kosovo’s status talks, first screened on January 9, has provoked a lively debate at its cinema screenings.

To make the most of the opportunities it brings for open dialogue on this highly-charged issue, BIRN is publishing the full body of material it researched in making the film – an invaluable resource for media, researchers and others.

Visitors to BIRN’s site will soon find full transcripts of all interviews in several languages, a range of video clips, the film’s trailer, information on how the film was made, and reactions from viewers. A discussion forum will be added, as well as information on TV broadcasts, festival entries and buying and showing the film.

The documentary was made with a grant from the Swiss foreign ministry.

For more information on this project, contact BIRN Regional Network Director, Anna McTaggart.