Balkan Transitional Justice a Hit on Facebook

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In only three months, Balkan Transitional Justice (BTJ), a regional initiative of BIRN HUB, has acquired over 6,500 Facebook fans across four different pages.

BTJ aims to inform the public about progress made in overcoming the violent past by addressing topics of regional reconciliation. Balkan Transitional Justice has four fan pages on Facebook – in English (Balkan Insight’s Transitional Justice), BCMS (Balkanska tranziciona pravda), Albanian (Drejtësia Tranzicionale në Ballkan), and Macedonian (Балканска транзициска правда).

The most popular of the four has been the joint Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian fan page with nearly 2,000 fans.

The Albanian fan page was launched in May and 1,545 people have already “liked” it. Both the English and the Macedonian versions have nearly 1,500 fans.

The publication of daily news and analyses by the regional BTJ team began in March 2012 and is composed of six journalists, three translators, and proofreaders. Since then, the BTJ website has published over 700 original articles in English that were translated into Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Albanian, and Macedonian.

The BTJ archives currently contain over 2,800 news pieces, analyses, interviews, profiles and background stories in English and the languages spoken in the former Yugoslavia, except Slovenian.

The success of the BJT project on Facebook demonstrates that issues of transitional justice are of great concern and interest to the local public.