Aida Trepanic

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Journalist, Detektor (BIRN BiH)

Aida joined BIRN BiH in September 2020 as an intern and data journalist and has been working as a full-time journalist for Detektor (BIRN BiH) since July 2021.

She is focused on public procurements, war-crime trials, digital   rights and corruption and is the author of two investigations on the judiciary. Aida also participated in “The Lives Behind the Fields of Death”, a project by the Srebrenica Memorial Center and BIRN BiH, which filmed 100 testimonies from surviving witnesses of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide.

She is a co-writer of publications on cybersecurity and its correlation with human rights and gender and is also involved in a project of mapping digital rights violations in BiH. She participated in writing the digital rights violations annual report for 2023. In cooperation with Global Media Registry and BIRN BiH she worked on the Media Ownership Monitor database, which aims to shed light on the risks to media pluralism.