Three BIRN Journalists Nominated for Serbian Investigative Awards

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Investigative articles by BIRN journalists Ana Curic, Jelena Veljkovic, and Aleksandar Djordjevic have been shortlisted for the Dejan Anastasijevic Investigative Journalism Award in the online media category.

Dragan Gmizic’s documentary ‘Predators’ about fish theft, co-produced by Greenfield Production from Novi Sad and BIRN, was also nominated in the broadcast media category.

BIRN journalists Ana Curic and Aleksandar Djordjevic worked with Hungarian colleague Blanka Zöldi on the cross-border investigation Illumination of Serbia, Hungarian Style.

The investigation dealt with companies connected to ruling political parties and their engagement in suspicious public procurements to install new public lighting systems in Serbia and Hungary.

Aleksadnar Djordjevic and Jelena Veljkovic’s series of articles entitled  Firm Linked to Minister’s Father Paid Less for Arms exposed how the Serbian Interior Minister’s father bought weapons at preferential prices from the weapons manufacturer Krusik.

The Independent Association of Journalists in Serbia with the support of the US embassy in Belgrade announced the nominations for the awards on Wednesday.

The awards are named after the late Dejan Anastasijevic, a highly respected Serbian journalist who was also a BIRN contributor.

This year, 38 investigative journalists were entered for the awards.

The winners will be announced on June 11.