Call for Applications for Training in Project Cycle Management

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Media representatives, including journalists, editors, project coordinators, project assistants, as well as freelance journalists from six Western Balkan countries and without previous knowledge of project management, are welcomed to apply for this four-day practical training.

Illustration: ProPhotos / Pixabay

In our changing world, many media outlets are supporting their independent work by applying to calls for projects targeting different aspects of journalism. Implementing projects brings numerous benefits to the media organisation; not only does it help to cover the costs of production, but builds the organisation’s skills outside of the production set.

We are offering you our Project Cycle Management course, tailored especially for journalists, editors, producers and, in general, media organisations. The goal of this training is to show you the benefits of projects, to help you better understand project cycles and introduce you to the elements of project management which can be the most beneficial.

We are sure you have heard sentences like: “I am not interested in projects, but in journalism; let me do my job”, or “I do not understand project logic, its strange language; it is just empty words”. 

Our specifically tailored PCM training targeting media professionals follows a four-day programme and offers a contemporary learning experience through group work, presentations and two-way interactions. It will show you how a simple idea, that you may have over a coffee with a colleague, develops into something more meaningful and worthwhile, which complements your work rather than disrupts your routine.

The course is tailored to suit all levels of previous knowledge; it is well balanced and is not set to repeat information for those with more knowledge, but will not overwhelm those who are receiving this kind of information for the first time.

Having had first-hand experience with the struggle and resistance media organisations have with project cycles, our lead trainer Dusica Stilic, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network’s Head of Regional Operations, has used her knowledge of the PCM and the media to develop this unique course. She has also worked as a journalist and understands how you might first feel about project management (because, she did, too!). Dusica has a pedagogical background in education and practice, which making her one of the most engaging and systematic trainers in the region. For more information see Dusica’s bio here.

Who can apply?

Media outlets’ representatives (including journalists, editors, project coordinators, project assistants) and freelance journalists from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia without required previous knowledge of PCM, who currently work on project implementation, or wish to do so in the future.

Please apply observing the information provided in the application form.

The number of participants is limited and we will give advantage to younger journalists, with less experience in the described field.

Only one individual per media will be admitted.

Minimum 12 and maximum 20 participants.

How to apply?

Applicants should complete and submit only one application that is attached to this CfA. All applications should be submitted in English to: [email protected] along with the applicant’s CV.

DATE OF TRAINING: October 12-16

TRAINING VENUE: Tirana, Albania, HOTEL Rogner**



DEADLINE: September 13, at midnight Central European Time


* For confirmed training participants, transportation and accommodation costs are provided, if required.

** Training should take place in Tirana, Albania, but due to the possible changes in travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemics, and with respect to the health recommendations, organisers keep the right to hold the online training instead.