BIRN Serbia and Partners Launch ‘Dr Spin’ Campaign

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BIRN Serbia, the Slavko Curuvija Foundation and the Independent Journalism Association of Serbia (IJAS) have launched the ‘Dr Spin’ campaign on control of the media in Serbia as part of ‘Public Money for Public Interest’ project.

‘Dr Spin’ is a series of ten animated episodes that give the answer to an important question – what does every dictator need to know if he or she wants to suppress the freedom of the media?

In the first ‘lesson’, the character of Dr Spin, who was created by Ilir Gasi, explains why it’s better to have subservient rather than independent media.

New episodes will be posted online every Tuesday on Dr Spin’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

The episodes will also be broadcast on cable TV N1, as well as on local RTV Sabac and TV Forum from Prijepolje.