BIRN Publishes Western Balkans Stability Monitor

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The Western Balkans Stability Monitor is a new product from BIRN Consultancy, a part of the BIRN network, offering institutions and individuals relevant information from the region.

The Stability Monitor analyses developments and trends with an eye on events that have the potential to destabilise countries, governments, societies or the fragile region itself.

As well as from providing analysis of what is going on, it also offers insights into where individual countries, societies and the region are heading, with a focus on developments that have the potential to destabilise.

BIRN’s regional team worked together with analysts to produce the first issue at the end of 2018 in order to give readers a taste of what we will be offering in 2019.

The Western Balkans Stability Monitor covers Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, and will be published on a bi-monthly basis.

Contact BIRN Consultancy at [email protected] to find out more and subscribe.