BIRN Kosovo holds Workshop for Student Grantees on Transitional Justice

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On July 2, BIRN Kosovo held a capacity-building workshop for student grantees in the field of transitional justice in Prishtina.

Photo: BIRN Kosovo

Six participants, three of whom were women, took part in this workshop. The first session, presented by Iliria Kajdomqaj, Projects coordinator at BIRN Kosovo, began with an introduction to the field of transitional justice and a deeper examination of its major concepts and principles contextualizing it with the global perspective of case studies such as East Timor, South Africa, Rwanda, and the Balkans. The session continued with the political and historical context of the conflict in Kosovo.

The second session focused on the importance of memorialization with an emphasis on the museums, memorial complexes, revision of history books, curriculua and cultural exchanges, presented by Kreshnik Gashi, managing editor at

The workshop covered the integration of approaches and perspectives from disciplines such as Law and Political Science and sensitivities and complexities were emphasized.

A significant part of the workshop involved analyzing the proposed research topics of the grantees, offering initial comments and suggestions on their research direction to maximize the outcome of the final papers.

Also present at the workshop were Vehbi Selmani and Teresa Lazzaroni Andina, representatives from UNDP. The grantees were active in discussions, sharing their perspectives and experiences related to the topic. The presentation and subsequent discussions served to enhance their knowledge of this topic, resulting in a more informed group of individuals by the end of the session.

This activity falls under the project “Dealing with conflict legacy in Kosovo”, funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office through the British Embassy in Pristina and the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, implemented by BIRN Kosovo.