BIRN Kosovo Holds Training on Gender-based Misinformation and Issues Related to Sexism

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On May 23 in Pristina, 2024 BIRN Kosovo held a training for journalists and journalism students on how to report about gender-based issues and sexism, and how to debunk misinformation regarding such sensitive reporting.

Photo: BIRN

One of the main goals of BIRN is to educate new generations of journalists on how to report about gender-based issues and sexism, as a step toward building an unbiased society in the future. Moreover, the training focused on the crucial role of the media and journalists in creating a collective perception when reporting about women-related topics.

The training module was delivered by BIRN’s local team of award-winning journalists and editors, who have extensive experience in investigating, reporting on, and advocating for such issues.

The first session was held by Kreshnik Gashi – Editor in Chief of who spoke about the identification of the challenges in treating disinformation on gender-based media reporting. In addition, he talked about the sources of disinformation on gender-based issues and disinformation narratives against the LGBTQI+ community and the handling of hate speech from community standards of social media.

Moreover, Jeta Xharra – Executive Director of BIRN held a session on how to create editorial politics that promote gender equality and avoid hate speech towards women during live reporting.

The third session was held by Alban Zeneli – Lecturer at the University of Prishtina, Department of Journalism who spoke about the importance of fact-checking while reporting on actual stories.

This training was attended by 27 participants of whom 21 were women.

The training was held as part of the project “Promoting Fact-Based Reporting and Media Literacy in Addressing Mis- and Disinformation” funded by UNMIK.