Publication inspires humanitarian action

"Zepa marks anniversary alone", a feature produced by BIRN’s trainees
on the tenth anniversary of the fall of the former enclave in July
2005, has prompted members of the public provide humanitarian support
for people featured in the story.

The article
written last July by BIRN trainees Aida Alic and Ilda Zornic,
highlighted the plight of Camil Basic, 75, who for years has been
living in a wooden hut with no roof or windows and survives with the
help of his neighbours.

A group of young people were so
moved by the article that they tried to help Basic. "I read the story
on your website and then posted it on the internet portal Saraejvo-x,"
Stefan Balorda, one of the youngsters told BIRN. Publication on this
website prompted further offers of help from members of the public.

"I really would like Camil to get a roof over his head because that’s every person’s right," said Balorda.

are now being made to help Basic build a house, provide clothes and
food and money to buy the medicine he needs. The ministry of human
rights and refugess has said it us prepared to help.

followed up on your information and have sent a team to visit Camil
Basic," Mujo Jejna, assistant minister for human rights and refugees
told BIRN.

He said the ministry was currently looking for a donor to help build his house.

If you wish to help Camil Basic get a home you can send a contribnution to the following bank account

Raiffeisen bank

Account number,
(for companies/legal entity) 10-00-06015-0
(for persons/individual) 19-00-50280-6

If you would like to offer any other form of help, email

BIRN Receives One Year Support From the Netherlands

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network has received one-year support from the Netherlands. The grant is aimed to help BIRN to create a network of journalists across the Balkans, capable of probing and analysing key transition issues and the process of European integration for policy-makers and the public at large.

Specifically, this means increasing the strength of the teams of journalists and analysts across the region which produce our unique output; the BIRN hub and the BIRN network’s member organisations that support them; and the BIRN network’s capacity to reach out to other media, NGOs, institutions, policymakers and society at large.

BIRN documentary screened at LSE

The screening of the BIRN TV documentary Does Anyone Have a Plan at the prestigious London School of Economics on May 8 generated a lively discussion on Kosovo’s final status.

Gordana Igric, Executive Director of the BIRN Regional Network, fielded questions on the ongoing negotiations; the causes and consequences of the dissolution of Yugoslavia; and the economic viability of the countries that emerged from the breakup of the federation.

The film was produced in January this year and has been screened across the Balkans and internationally, receiving very positive reviews.

Gordana Igric is the new Executive Director of the BIRN Regional Network from June 1st.

Gordana, who founded BIRN during her tenure as Balkan Programme Manager at IWPR, will move from her current position as BIRN’s Editorial and Development Director to the position of BIRN Regional Network Director.

Her predecessor, Anna McTaggart, whose work was crucial to BIRN’s creation and sound development, becomes Regional Network Development Coordinator.

From September she will be based in Zagreb, extending our network coverage of Croatia and developing additional regional-level projects.