Justice Report Features in Karadzic Documentary

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Nidzara Ahmetasevic, BIRN’s
Justice Report Editor, was interviewed for a documentary on Karadzic’s arrest,
made by a NATO Review editor.The documentary on his arrest is part of a series
of documentaries, published on the NATO Review webpage: http://www.nato.int/docu/review/2008/07/EN/index.htm

entire series is entitled "The Balkans: Quo Vadis?" In the film, its
author Paul King, a NATO Review Editor, analyses how Radovan Karadzic’s arrest
may influence the situation in Bosnia
and Herzegovina.The documentary was filmed in Sarajevo and Pale in the course of the summer
of 2008.

Ahmetasevic, the following persons have also been interviewed for this
documentary: Raffie Gregorian, the Deputy High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Sir Geffrey Nice, former Hague Tribunal Prosecutor, as well as NATO
officials.The series is the first full video edition of NATO Review.