Discussion on Sandzak at the Media Centre Belgrade

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BIRN Serbia is holding a panel discussion “Political Fallout and Future of Sandzak”, at the Media Centre Belgrade, on Tuesday, October 3, 2006 , at 14:00.

The fierce conflict between Sandzak’s two strongest Bosniak parties – The Party of Democratic Action, SDA and Sandzak Democratic Party, SDP, whose roots can be traced back to the mid-nineties, recently reached a climax following the murder of a candidate running for a seat in the local assembly of Novi Pazar.

The murder helped to thrust this troubled region, on which Belgrade imposed an interim local government earlier this year, again into the limelight.

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (www.birn.eu.com), together with its panel guests and audience, intend their discussion, “Political Fallout and Future of Sandzak”, to come up with dynamic and realistic proposals aimed at resolving tensions in the region.

A wide-ranging discussion will include, among other points, the role of the Serbian government in the conflict, the behaviour of the local media and the impact of dysfunctional local authorities on the lives of ordinary people.

Panel discussion moderator

Dragana Nikolić-Solomon, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network


Jelica Minić, Associate of the Institute of Economic Science in Serbia

Hannelore Valier, Head of Democratisation, OSCE

Aida Ćorović, Urban IN

Ishak Slezović, Editor of Radio 100 Plus

James Lyon, Senior Balkan Analyst, Crisis Group

Mehmed Slezović, Sandzak Intellectual Circle