BIRN Serbia Holds Training for Online Journalists and Editors

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BIRN Serbia organised a two-day training course on media and security in the digital environment for online journalists and editors on April 1 and 2 in Belgrade.

Participants learned how to overcome security challenges and risks, and got introduced to digital tools that can help them in their work.

During the first day, Bojan Elek from the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy presented information on the security situation in Serbia, as well as potential sources for researching security which could be helpful to journalists.

After that, Drew Sullivan and Pavla Holcova from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project shared tips and tricks on how to evaluate and overcome the security risks that journalists face.

On the second day, Andy Black, a digital specialist, gave insights into how online media can survive in the digital jungle.

He presented to journalists and editors a series of digital tools to help them listen to and improve communication with their audience, as well as to raise the visibility of their content.