Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE)

Since its inception in 2003, BFPE has contributed to democratic transformation and European integration of the region of Southeast Europe.

  • Continuously conceiving and organising the political education of interested and engaged citizens and decision-makers at different levels,
  • Promoting and connecting prominent individuals and engaged groups of citizens who advocate modernisation, democratization and European integration of Serbia,
  • By advocating for the rule of law, human and minority rights,
  • Seeking solutions to existing and future challenges to sustainable development,
  • By initiating dialogue among the relevant actors,
  • Striving to improve the knowledge and professional capacity of relevant actors for their responsible participation in political and social life.


Belgrade Open School (BOS)

Belgrade Open School is a nonprofit, educational, civil society organisation founded in 1993.

BOS develops human resources, improves public policies and strengthens the capacities of the civil, public and business sectors in order to develop a better society based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

BOS vision is a better society based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

Belgrade Open School Values:

  • Openness
  • Innovativeness
  • Freedom
  • European Values
  • Public Interest
  • Quality
  • Accountability


Global Focus

Global Focus Center is an independent think tank based in Bucharest, Romania, which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, security, European affairs, good governance and development. Its purpose is to advance expertise by functioning as a platform for cooperation and dialogue among individual experts, NGOs, think-tanks and public institutions from Romania and foreign partners.


The ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy

The ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy was founded in 2013 with the goal of strengthening the civil society sector in Central and South-Eastern Europe by providing further educational opportunities.

The Academy offers a range of high-quality capacity building programmes designed specifically for executive managers and staff members of NGOs.


Internews empowers people worldwide with the trustworthy, high-quality news and information they need to make informed decisions, participate in their communities, and hold power to account.

Our vision is to unleash human potential everywhere by turning on the bright light of information.

USAID’s Balkan Media Assistance Program, through Internews, is making media practitioners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia more competitive in the local and regional marketplace and strengthening the sustainability of independent media in the region.



A weekly magazine, established in 1990 in Serbia by a group of liberal intellectuals and journalists, most of Vreme’s original staff were journalists from Politika newspaper and NIN magazine.

It characterizes itself as a magazine without lies, hatred or prejudice. It opposed nationalistic mobilization for, and during, the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.


Portal Novosti

Novosti is a Croatian weekly magazine and a portal based in Zagreb.

It is published by the Serbian National Council (SNV), the body concerned with promotion of human rights of Serbs in Croatia.

The magazine, billed as an “independent Serbian weekly”, describes its editorial policy as being primarily concerned with covering general news and publishing critical writing about all the relevant political, social and cultural developments in Croatia and the region. It also has a strong emphasis on civil society.