BIRN Macedonia


BIRN Macedonia, an independent NGO, was founded in 2004 as part of the regional Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

It has since implemented various local and regional projects, from organising the training of journalists on international standards of journalism to coverage of transitional justice issues, production of TV documentaries, publishing of analysis and investigations, and the organisation of round tables on issues related to the country's EU integration.

BIRN Macedonia has built a reputation not only of being a credible media organisation but also of being a source for media development and network building. It has also fostered strong relationships both with media and CSOs in the country and in the region, and runs locally relevant programmes designed to respond to media and wider societal needs. BIRN Macedonia has contributed to different projects of the Regional BIRN Network and has been crucial in establishing Balkan Insight as one of the leading regional media outlets.

BIRN Macedonia aims to consolidate the country’s stability and accelerate its political, economic and social reform within its chosen framework of Euro-Atlantic integration. It does so through high-quality journalism and facilitation of cross-sector debate on key challenges.

Organisational goals and objectives

BIRN Macedonia has implemented various local and regional projects over the past seven years and has been key in developing BIRN’s flagship publication Balkan Insight into a leading source of news and in depth coverage of events across the Balkans.

However, the sharp decline in the media situation in North Macedonia has exposed the need for more independent quality reporting, training of journalists and more than ever a need for a platform for investigative journalism. BIRN Macedonia, with its skilled staff and expertise, contributes to these needs by:

  • training
  • creating a pool of journalists free of business and political pressure
  • publishing stories exposing wrongdoing
  • informing the local public through stories published online and in local media
  • raising awareness about burning issues through international coverage, and the publishing of stories in English
  • stirring public debate
  • playing a watchdog role

BIRN Macedonia aims to create a solid network of journalists and offer them the training, guidance
and platform they need to publish stories that meet international standards.

BIRN Macedonia helps make this happen in a media environment that is currently tightly controlled by political and business
interests, thus providing the broader public with accurate information and analysis, exposing misconduct and holding officials accountable.