BIRN Ltd. Consultancy


BIRN Consultancy offers a range of products and services to business professionals, investors, companies and individuals requiring detailed analysis of political, economic and social developments in the Balkans.

Economic and Risk Analysis

  • Assessment of political and security risks
  • Corporate research and profiling
  • Analysis of key industries and individuals
  • Market assessments: Retail, industrial and agricultural

Country Reports

  • General or case-specific
  • Collation of geographic, demographic, census data or national and regional statistics
  • Clarification of legal and regulatory frameworks and governmental structures

Business and Organisation Reports

  • Due diligence
  • Overview, history and analysis of: Political parties, NGOs, institutions and think tanks throughout the region (international and local)
  • Overview, history and analyses of: Political figures, corporate figures and media professionals throughout the region


BIRN’s consulting service offers risk analysis and country reports, economic analysis, business and organisation reports and market/industry research tailored to a client's specific requirements.

As a major player in the media landscape in the Balkans, BIRN is well connected to political and civil society leaders throughout the region, and regularly consults with both local and international decision- makers for its news service. As a result, BIRN Consultancy is able to provide valuable insight that is otherwise difficult to find.

For more information and requests, please visit the BIRN Consultancy web site.