The Tolaj and Bukoshi’s Case

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During the third week of June, 2013 one of the major trials where government officials were involved in court cases on corruption allegations was completed.

Former Secretary of the Ministry of Health Ilir Tolaj and his two subordinates, Hajrullah Fejza and Arbenita Pajaziti, were sentenced to prison by the Basic Court of Pristina, while his superior Bujar Bukoshi was acquitted. Fejza and Tolaj cannot exercise public office for three years, while Pajaziti was banned for two years exercise of such positions.

Ilir Tolaj was convicted for the offense of official document falsification and complicity in tax evasion. He was acquitted of other charges such as: 12 counts of abuse of official position or authority, a count of bribery, one on tax evasion and one count on obstruction of evidence.Tolaj was sentenced to a total of 18 months and a fine of 1,000 euros. He is prohibited to exercise functions in public administration or public service for three years. Ilir

Tolaj’s house arrest has completed and it is expected the issuance of a new decision.

Arbenita Pajaziti was claimed guilty to two counts of the indictment for falsifying documents, one of them in cooperation. Pajaziti was sentenced to a total of eight months and suspended for a period of 2 years. She is prohibited to exercise functions in public administration or public service for 2 years.

Hajrullah Fejza was pleaded guilty to two counts of the indictment for taking bribes and is free of other charges. Fejza received a total sentence of eight months imprisonment. The defendant is prohibited from exercising the functions of public administration or public service for three years.

Bujar Bukoshi, former Health Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, was acquitted of all charges. He was charged with two counts of the indictment for abuse of official position.

“Bukoshi influenced by Tolaj, in June 2010 had not continued a contract for the supply of drugs JonaMed’it, which was the type “one plus one “, although service of the ministry had prepared documentation for the continuation of the contract,” said the indictment.

The other defendants as Bekim Fusha, Ismet Hyseni, and Zenel Kuqi, were also released from the counts where they were charged of misuse of official position. The three of them carried out tasks and responsibilities related to the procurement of buying medicines for the Ministry of Health. In its reasoning the court said that “we have not found a conflict of interest by selling Exclusive Gjilan license from Arbenita Pajaziti”.

Regarding actions of Tolaj and Bukoshi, in counts they were charged, the court said that “for all actions taken they had justifications, or the court was unable to find a bad action.” The non-continuity of the contract “one plus one”, to which the accused Tolajand Bukoshi, cooperated to not give contract to Jona Med and YessPharm, the court reasoned that “had no obligation to continue the contracts.”