The Strategy for Lowering the Number of Cases

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A new strategy was drafted with the purpose of lowering the number of judicial cases, but the heads of courts ask for new judges and legal advisors in order to implement the strategy successfully.

The National Strategy for the Reduction of Old Cases of the Kosovo Judicial Council, aims to lower the number of unresolved judicial cases.

This is not the first time that Kosovo Judicial Council has attempted to lower the number of cases. KJC’s previous strategy for lowering the number of cases was not fully implemented.

This strategy was approved on November 18, 2010, and aimed to finish the cases that were filed until 2008.

Head of the Basic court of Prishtina, Hamdi Ibrahimi said, “The previous strategy was not fulfilled. In our court you can find cases that were filed in 2003 through 2005 and according to this, we did not implement the strategy.”

According to Hamdi Ibrahimi, the reason the strategy was not fulfilled is because of the large number of cases and the lack of judges.

According to the Head of Kosovo Judicial Council, Enver Peci, “Based on the old strategy, the number of old cases were lowered up to 63%. However we must admit that it was impossible to finish the cases until 2008 with this strategy.”

According to the Head of the Basic Court of Mitrovica, Kada Bunjaku-Perquku, beside the lack of judges, there are other obstacles in implementing the strategy in Mitrovica and where the judges work.

Bunjaku-Perquku also mentioned that they do not have access to cases that derived from the North Mitrovica court. The basic Court of Mitrovica currently uses the court building in Vushtrri.

The progress report, which was drafted from the European Commission, published on October 16, recommends that the judicial system addresses the collection of cases. According to this report, the number of unresolved cases in the Basic Courts of 2012 was 218,740.