The Life in Kosovo TV debate broadcast discussed women in Islam

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Amongst the subjects raised during the discussion on Friday, June 1, were how women are perceived by their families and society and the barriers and challenges a veiled woman has to face in her everyday life.

These issues were discussed by the following panelists:

Visare Gorani-Gashi – Kosovo prime minister’s office;
Zake Prelvukaj – painter;
Besa Ismajli – interpreter;
Suela Dibra – psychologist;
Idriz Kosova – theologian.

After the broadcast, BIRN received over 70 emails from the audience concerning the show.

Life in Kosovo is a TV debate produced by BIRN and moderated by BIRN Kosovo director Jeta Xharra. Radio Television of Kosovo, RTK, broadcasts this show every Friday starting at 20.15.