The Kidnapping of Vonesa 2

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On April 6, 2014, Justice in Kosovo aired the second part of the kidnapping story of Vonesa by her ex-husband.

After the previous kidnapping story was broadcast on the Justice in Kosovo TV program, Ilir Kuqishta contacted the Justice in Kosovo crew and asked to talk about the story.He said that he wanted the public to know the truth.

He admitted to have beaten his ex-wife twice because she was not taking proper care of their daughter.
He denied having kidnapped her and said that he only accompanied her. He also admitted to using the gun to scare the family but said that it was shot accidentally.

Vonesa explained that when she entered the car, she thought she was going to dieIlir brought her to the village of Smir to his uncle’s house, where they stayed for 10 minutes.Ilir talked to his uncle, who decided to help him, and they went together to a house in Dobrech village where they made plans to send her to Macedonia.

Kuqishta said he called somebody to help him cross to border.

Florie Shamollli, a prosecutor in Ferizaj, said that the morning after, they and the police immediately attempted to arrest Kuqishta. They failed to catch him before he crossed the border.

Ilir took Vonessa in a taxi toward Macedonia. They stopped in Kacanik for Ilir’s mother and uncle to bring the daughter.
Near the border they met a person that helped them to cross the border illegally.When arrived in Skopje, they went to the apartment of a friend of the ex-husband’s.
Ilir, Vonesa, and the daugher after 20 minutes went to the house of Ilir’s friend, where they stayed for 4 days.

A friend informed Ilir that the police were looking for him, so Ilir decided to return to Kosovo again illegally.
They arrived in Kacanik where Ilir called a taxi to bring them to Bregovc village.

Ilir convinced Vonesa to go to the police and declare that she was not kidnapped. When she arrived home told her family what really happened they called the police again.

The next day Kuqishta was arrested by the police.

This case is now being handled by the Crime Prosecution of Ferizaj.Ilir Kuqishta is now under house arrest waiting for a verdict.