The Kidnapping of Vonesa 1

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On March 30, 2014, Justice in Kosovo aired the kidnapping story of Vonesa by her ex-husband Ilir Kuqishta.

A 20-year-old mother tells the story of how fate saved her daughter when she was kidnapped by her ex-husband.

This story started in September 2013 when Vonesa decided to end her marriage.Her ex-husband could not accept her decision and tried to force her with threats to return home to him.

Vonesa reported all threats to the police but she says they failed to protect her.On the night of October 20th the ex-husband kidnapped her and tried to kill her family.

Vonesa married at 18 to an older man, Ilir, and from their union came a child. But immediately afterwards, problems started. Ilir had health problems and also problems with his business; he used to run a casino. He started to have financial problems and began beating his wife.

Financial problems caused him to force Vonesa to sell all of the gold she received as a bride.
Ilir beat Vonesa out of jealousy and frustration with personal financial crises. Vonesa consequently decided to move in with family and divorce Ilir.

The ex-husband went to her family begging her to turn back and took Vonesa’s the daughter with him.Vonesa then decided to go to the police and tell the whole story.
When she turned from the police station she got a text message from the ex-husband threatening her.

The case was sent to the prosecution by the police.
Basri Shabani, head of the police of Ferizaj, said the case was sent to the prosecution in a timely manner after completion of the investigation.

When questioned by the police, the ex-husband, Ilir Kuqishta, denied having threatened or kidnapped his ex-wife.

The prosecutor Veton Shabani said that the complaint was reviewed and sent to the court.
The victim’s lawyer Ibrahim Terrstena said that he asked for detention but that is not reflected in the file of this case.

For more than two weeks the institutions did not take any precautions to protect the Vonesa.
Terrstena said that he had no contact with Vonesa or the prosecution after the indictment was opened.

The ex-husband Ilir went armed to Vonesa’s house. He grabbing her and threatening all her family with a gun. He fired the gun to scare the family member and took Vonesa with him.
He took Vonesa into his car and left.