Moving On: Reception at Ozone gallery

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The first in a series of presentations of the publication – Moving On: Overcoming Barriers to a European Futurewas held in Belgrade on Wednesday in the presence of representatives of the media, NGOs, international and governmental organizations.

The occasion was to celebrate the completion of the Balkan fellowship for journalistic excellencein 2007, an initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and ERSTE Foundation.

The reception and cocktail were organized in honour of the two fellows from Serbia, Nenad Radicevic and Milorad Ivanovic. The BIRN team from Serbia gave a presentation about the publication, and announced that the next fellowship project is to start in January 2008. Fellows from the 2007 intake discussed their experiences during the project.

“This is a great opportunity to travel and work through the region and Europe”, Radicevic said, and Ivanovic encouraged colleagues to take part in future activities within the fellowship programme.