Luxury Cars with False Registration

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On February 23, 2014, Justice in Kosovo broadcasted a program regarding falsified registration of cars in Kosovo.

A lot of suspicious guys were benefiting from breaking the law from the possibility given to Serbs during 2011-2012 to register their cars on RKS OR KS plates without having to pay taxes and custom. The police officers found 964 cars with falsified registration files, only in one center of registration.

Falsified registration files were found from the police in the registration center of Llapnalles and they have the suspicion that should be also others in other localities.

The police found out this out accidentally during another mission on human trafficking in Gracanica while raiding a house they saw all the papers.
They found 964 falsified car registration file on November 22, 2013 and after this they raided the vehicle registration center in Llapanesell village.

Approximately the fee of paying taxes and custom is about 2 thousand euro.

The Middle Man
The police found out that under suspicion, D.D and N.K were mediating the registration of a vast number of cars.

According to the police the D.D was finding the clients who wanted to register their cars and his collaborator N.K prepared all the documents.

For this registration procedure they were asking from 1 up to 2 thousand euro. Police is presuming that a large number of luxury cars registered in more than 13 years were registered this way avoiding taxes.

On the administrative order 38/2012 for registration of cars from the plates from FRY to temporarily RKS plates, Article 2 permits the registration of all cars registered in Kosovo before and after June 10, 1999, with only one condition that they should not have been registered after October 31, 2011.

The Coordinator of this registration center part of the Ministry of Internal of Kosovo explains the procedure of registration: “This procedure was meant to re-register the cars from the plates PR to RKS or KS “said Vitkoviq.

He explained that during the registration they had always to leave to our office the old document released by Serbian authorities.

According to Vitkoviq the cars were registered with no previous verification.

“We didn’t verify the car. It was done after registering them. Our responsibility was only to register them. We couldn’t verify the document realized by the Serbian” said Vitkoviq.

Even the Administrative order 38/2012 of the Ministry of Intern for sees that the verification comes after they finish with the registration and give the plates to the car.