Life in Kosovo: Exclusive live Pristina-Belgrade debate

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With Kosovo set to declare independence, how will Serbia react? On this Thursday’s Life in Kosovo special programme, we’ll be putting that question to our guests in both Pristina and Belgrade.

How will Serbia deal with Kosovo in the future? Are parallel institutions being set up in Kosovo’s Serb-majority north? How will Kosovo’s Serbs react when Pristina declares independence? Does Kosovo’s government have a security plan? We’ll be asking our live guests these questions and more.

Joining us from Pristina are:

Astrit Salihu – adviser to the Prime Minister of Kosovo;
Ylber Hysa – political analyst;

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And we’ll be joined from the Serbian capital by:

Dusan Prorokovic – State Secretary in Serbia ’s Ministry for Kosovo;
Goran Svilanovic – political analyst and former Serbian Foreign Minister;

Life in Kosovo is a co-production by Kosovo Public Television, RTK and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN. It is broadcast every Thursday, starting at 20:15.