“Life in Kosovo” Debates the Economy

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BIRN’s televised show Life in Kosovo, in its upcoming edition on April 6, will discuss economic issues and the problems Kosovo will face once its political status is determined.

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What will the state of Kosovo’s economy be after independence? How will Kosovo become economically independent once final status is settled? What strategies are there for employing people? Will an independent Kosovo attract foreign investors? And to what extent will social welfare increase? These are among some of the issues to be discussed.

Panelist in the studio will be:

Dardan Stublla, advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Finances
Shpend Ahmeti, economist and professor at the American University in Kosovo
Arianit Blakaj, economist
Driton Tali, economist
Ejup Fejza, official at the Trade and Industry Ministry
Gani Musliaj, Mediator ( negotiator) in the foreign investment process

The Life in Kosovo show will be broadcast on Friday at 20:30.