“Life in Kosovo” Debates Kosovo Returnees

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The subject of people returning to their former
homes will feature in this week’s Life in Kosovo TV debate show to be broadcast
on Friday, 24 November 2006,
at 20.30, on Kosovo public television, RTK.

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programme will examine a number of issues, including where the returnee process
has been most successful; whether people are sufficiently motivated to return
to Kosovo; and if the resolution of Kosovo’s status will result in more

in the debate are: Frode Mauring, head of United Nations Developing
Program-UNDP; Dragana Zivkovic, director of the return department in the
Ministry of Return; Dardan Gashi, head of the technical group for the return; Nazmi
Fejza, deputy minister on the Ministry of Return; and Fatmir Sheholli,
spokesman of the Ministry of Return.

says the number of people interested in returning is on the rise and the
resolution of final status talks will bolster the process.

the studio audience, there will be ten returnees from the different ethnic
groups in Kosovo who will talk about their personal experiences.