Life in Kosovo debates electoral reform

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Tonight, Life in Kosovo will discuss electoral reform.

Questions to be covered include: What has the Commission on Electoral Reform done? How many electoral areas will there be in Kosovo? Will the electoral lists be opened or closed? What is the threshold that political parties must exceed in order to win seats? How can we ensure that there will be no fraud vote to the upcoming elections?  Is it likely that vote theft will be eliminated through the use of electronic voting and biometric identification?

To discuss these and other issues, Muhamet Hajrullahu has invited the following guests to the studio:

Halit Krasniqi – PDK member at the Commission on Electoral Reform;
Imri Ahmeti – LDK member at the Commission on Electoral Reform;
Alban Krasniq – Vetëvendosje representative at the Central Electoral Commission;
Faik Ispahiu – Executive director, Internews Kosova;  and
Jetmir Bakija – from the Institute of Democracy for Development.