Life in Fushe-Kosova

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Fushe-Kosova municipality was the next station for “Life in Kosovo”. The fulfilment of mayor Burim Berisha’s promises was the centre topic of the debate taking place in Fushe-Kosova.  

Besides the mayor, the representatives of civil society, journalists and citizens also took part in the debate.

“Life in Municipality” begun with a broadcast, which was a summary of promises Mr. Berisha had given two years ago, when he asked the citizens to vote for him.

This summary served as a reminder of promises, which mayor Berisha said would be priorities of his mandate. Those promises had to do mainly with improving the conditions of education, health, culture, youth and sport, archaeology, lighting all of public spaces in the city as well as with construction of parks as areas of public significance. The mayor also promised to improve the infrastructure by asphalting roads, and constructing the water supply and sewage network.

On the other hand, GAP Institute and BIRN researchers went to Fushë-Kosova to check whether or not mayor’s promises were met.

For example, the residents of “Bardhi i Madh”, the largest village in this municipality, were complaining about the lack of drinking water.

They said that the water supply system was built with materials which pose a serious risk to human health. They also mentioned that, according to international standards, it is prohibited to use (build?) such water supply systems.

When it comes to investments in health sector promised by mayor Berisha, opposition said that the ambulances through village have not been functionalized yet. Opposition representatives added that only 13% of the budged allocated for this sector was spent.

Commenting on references about him failing to fulfil the election campaign promises, Mr. Berisha said that there is a range of factors which caused delays in important projects, like, for example, the water supply project.

“The inadequate attitude of the state water company and the Ministry of Trade and Industry towards this issue is the key reason these projects have not been seen through”, major Berisha said.

Mayor Berisha also spoke about the successes of municipality’s football team – this contributing to development of football and sport in general in Fushe-Kosove municipality. He explained that the investments he made in some sport schools have made it all worthwhile because the footballers became champions in the respective category.

He said that the other success of his governance is public lights which work on solar energy and also paving the municipal roads.

Meanwhile, wastewater continues to be the problem in this municipality. The pollution and landfills, delays in construction of the schools and the water factory in Kuzmin – were cited as promises Mr. Berisha did not fulfil.

At the end of the debate, mayor Berisha answered some questions asked by the residents of Fushe-Kosove municipality.