Investigative Journalism Training in Belgrade

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An investigative journalism training workshop for 13 journalists was held in Belgrade from April 13-14, as a part of BIRN’s ongoing training courses and annual regional meeting.

The group comprised BIRN correspondents from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

The training led by BIRN editor-in-chief, Gordan Igric, and the editor of BIRN Serbia, Aleksandar Vasovic, focused on shaping stories, editorial and article commissioning procedures.

The participants also reviewed different techniques aimed at improving ongoing investigative projects, ranging from interviewing eyewitnesses to collecting evidence.

A small group of journalists also received some training aimed at adopting new BIRN standards for short news stories.

One training session dealt with procedures for obtaining documentary material from US agencies. A presentation by Milorad Ivanovic, BLIC daily deputy editor and SCOOP coordinator for Serbia, introduced participants to techniques for investigating archives in other countries and looked at the interesting material that can be found that way.

The workshop was organised with the help of The Netherlands government and the British Embassy in Belgrade.