Interview with the Minister for European Integration, Vlora Çitaku

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The Minister of European Integrations declared that Kosovo will seriously risk the European future, the visa liberalization, and Stabilization-Association Agreement, if it fails to organize a good election process on November 3.

The Minister, Vlora Çitaku, also discussed the Progress Report for Kosovo for the year 2013. 

“If we fail this test, the European future of Kosovo will be hit in the worst way possible”, said the Minister of European Integration, Vlora Çitaku, in the interview given for Life in Kosovo, where she also discussed the local election that will be held on November 3, 2013. She qualifies these elections as very important for Kosovo and its European future. 

“The elections of November 3 are not a written condition for the Stabilization-Association Agreement, but it is classified as the main condition of this agreement. It is the basic criterion that we should fulfill if we want to move forward whether with the Stabilization-Association Agreement, the Visa liberalization process, or any other process that is connected to the integration of Kosovo in international mechanisms”, said the minister Çitaku. 

According to Çitaku, these elections should be flawless. During the interview Mrs. Çitaku also declared that the Progress Report for Kosovo is the exact scan of the overall current state of the country. 

“This report is the diagnostics of the real state of the country in all the institutions. In this progress is not only measured the government performance, but also measures the performance of other institutions”, said Mrs. Citaku. 
The report was received by the Kosovo institution two days ago and it clearly states all the challenges faced and the progress achieved by Kosovo. “The fulfillment of the short term criteria for the initiation of negotiations for the Stabilization-Association Agreement is one of the progresses of Kosovo mentioned in this report, whereas the most challenging part is the rule of law in Kosovo”, said Mrs. Çitaku. 

The minister Citaku also complained about the ministers who do not attend the parliament sessions and the meetings of the parliamentary commissions in order to answer the questions of members of the parliament. She also mentioned that the criticisms for the election reforms are a big challenge. 

The minister Çitaku also talked about the fight against corruption, organized crimes, public administration reforms and their impacts in the judiciary.

Çitaku is the head of the Negotiation Team in the Stabilization-Association Agreement; the team which has had two meeting until now.