Interview with Enver Hoxhaj

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Enver Hoxhaj, Minister of Foreign Affairs, was invited in the debate “Life in Kosovo” to discuss about various foreign issues that include the recognition of Kosovo and the relationship of Kosovo with the other foreign countries.

The first issue discussed was the case of Egypt and the recognition of Kosovo by Egypt. Since Egypt is in a sort of crisis because the president Morsi was overthrown, the new leading party could bring problems to the recognition of Kosovo. However, minister assures that there are no such implications since he has visited Egypt after the conflict and the situation towards Kosovo is stable.

According to Enver Hoxhaj, the agreement between Prishtina and Beograd is beneficial and it is a step forwards the improvement of mutual relationships. Regarding the case of the ex-ambassador Lulzim Peci, the ministry of foreign affairs has a sensitive approach by saying that his decision to claim his resignation in the media was unprofessional. Moreover, Hoxhaj adds that the ex-ambassador had attended meetings that were not arranged by the ministry of foreign affairs.

Kosovo is now a part of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which is a very important organization. Members of this organization that voted for the acceptance of the Republic of Kosovo were even the member countries that did not recognize the independence of Kosovo. In this organization Kosovo is registered strictly as the Republic of Kosovo without the footnote.

Minister Hoxhaj has been lobbying in different countries, not only for the recognition of Kosovo, but also for further investments. However, the issue of privatizing big companies of Kosovo has not brought the recognition of some countries; i.e. Greece. In reply to this, Hoxhaj adds: “I can assure that in a near future Greece, Rumania, and Slovakia will move towards the decision of recognizing the Republic of Kosovo.”

Part of this interview was reportage done by one of BIRN journalist regarding the deviations in the road of Kijeve.