Elections Sovereignty

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The visit of Serbian officials and politicians during the elections campaign of the 3rd November were seen as a breach of the agreement between Belgrade and Pristine by the represents of civil society.

Leon Malazogu, executive director of D4D Institution said that the visits and the messages of Serbian officials are totally against the containing of the agreement. Also, the analyst Besa Shahini from the European Initiative for Stability agreed with Leon Malazogu’ statement.

“It the Prime Minister of Serbia comes and says that the Serbians of Kosovo should vote a particular list then he is breaching the Brussels’ agreement”, said Shahini.

The analyst Dugagjin Gorani said that the uncoordinated declarations were a mismanagement of the situation; however, these declarations are not important and do not impact the process.

Moreover, Branislav Krstiq, analyst and journalist form North Mitrovica, said that the purpose of this visits is for citizens to vote based on their directives. They want to lower the risk of Albanians winning in the Serbian municipalities.

Ten days before the end of pre-elections campaign the elections turnout of Serbians of Kosovo was classified as unpredictable by the panelists of Life in Kosovo despite the published polls.

A report published United Nations Development Program (UNDP) showed Quick Facts for the North Municipalities in Relation to Local Elections.
According to the report, 16 percent Serbians living in North Kosovo declared that they will vote; 17 percent said maybe; whereas, 23 percent said that they haven’t decided yet.

Besa Shahini said that the official’s visits do not raise the number of Serbian participants in the Local Elections of 2013. Whereas, Leon Malazogu said that Serbian officials are not encourage Serbians of Kosovo to cooperate with Prishtina.

Branislav Krstiq also stated that the Serbian Province in Kosovo is only a dream of the radical Serbians and it is a misunderstanding for the majority of Albanians.

Despite the inability to predate the participation of Serbians in the election, Gorani said that the participation in these elections is very important.