Elections Abuse

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On the 28th of October, 2013, Justice in Kosovo broadcast a program about the abuses associated with elections in the country.

Local elections of 2009 were associated with much ballot fraud and abuse.  In order to ensure that such irregularities do not take place again in the elections that were due in November 2013, prosecution authorities in Kosovo organized themselves rather efficiently to combat fraud.  Around 50 prosecutors, hundreds of police officers and tens of judges were in charge on the elections day.

The prosecutors, judges and police made it very clear that all those intending to interfere with a fair and democratic election process would be brought in front of justice and face charges.

The head of Kosovo Judicial Council, Enver Peci, said “We are going to take adequate measures on the Election Day”. Apart from the organizational framework of courts and prosecution for fraud-prevention, to combat fraud, another helping hand came from Central Election Commission. When Justice in Kosovo asked Enver Peci if in one way or another they have warned not to abuse with votes, he said that they had tried to warn the political parties to be careful and not to encourage their militants for unfair means during the elections.

In a statement given for Justice in Kosovo, Laura Pula said, “50 prosecutors will be engaged on the election day. If we notice actions against voting rights during the elections day, the prosecutor in charge will immediately decide for the measures that should be taken. Laura Pula, head prosecutor of the Election Council, said that the prosecution will try to find and arrest even the people who deal with ballot sales and purchase.

Kosovo Police was also diligent in their job determined to combat any actions that breach the law and tarnish the reputation of these elections.

Baki Kelani, the spokesperson of Kosovo Police, said, “The Kosovo Police has a drafted and approved a plan that was prepared in time for the Election Day. We, as the Police of Kosovo, have done all the necessary preparations to offer the citizens order and safety.”

At the end of the programme, there are some vote abusers of the elections of 2009 who explain what they did and how they did it.