Documentary about life Sandzak

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BIRN Serbia, in cooperation with Radio Television Serbia`s TV magazine programme “Oko”, has produced a thirty minute documentary on life in the south Serbian city of Novi Pazar.

The film, which is a sequel to the first feature on the life of Albanian people in Presevo, was broadcast on December 7 on Radio Television Serbia.

The documentary looks into the daily lives of local Bosniaks and the social problems facing this population, including interethnic tension and years of economic struggles.

Local representatives of the NGO sector, youth, and the economy, as well as the mayor of Novi Pazar, Meho Mahmutovic, were interviewed during the three days of filming in search of stories about everyday life in this part of Serbia, and the cultural and religious heritage of the region.

The third and final part of the series is scheduled to be completed within the next several months.
The three-part documentary is part of BIRN Serbia’s project “Building public awareness and political dialogue in multiethnic areas as a conflict prevention tool”.