Diplomats Interviewed for “Life in Kosovo”

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The positions of the American, Russian and French governments on Kosovo’s final status will be featured in a special edition of the BIRN-organised RTK programme “Life in Kosovo” tonight, Friday, November 10, at 20.20. The show will feature interviews BIRN Kosovo director Jetta Xharra conducted with Richard Holbrooke, the ex-US envoy to the region; and Frank Wisner, Andrei Dronov and Thierry Reynard, the current US, Russian and French envoys in Kosovo, respectively.

In the interviews, Holbrooke says that Kosovo will be an independent country and blames the Bush administration for the delays in the final status process; while Dronov insists that if there’s a decision that’s unacceptable to Belgrade, Russia will exercise its veto in the Security Council. The interviews look at Kosovo’s importance to America and Russia and whether Kosovo is important enough for the two countries to fall out over. The programme will be in English with Albanian subtitles.
For an extract of the interview with Richard Holbrooke go to: http://www.birn.eu.com/en/58/10/1609/