BTJ Program Hits Readership Record

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BIRN’s transitional justice project has increased its readership in the countries of the Balkan region with more than 90 per cent.

Logos of widget pages

This positive result comes from an introduction of a new promotional tool, a news widget, which has been placed on media portals across the region. 

Balkan Transitional Justice (BTJ) content on the web sites,,, and, has increased the visibility of Balkan Insight and Balkan Transitional Justice by 14 per cent since the beginning of March.

In comparison to previous months hits on BTJ web pages in local languages have increased by 220 per cent in Croatia, by 51 per cent in Macedonia and by 33 per cent in Serbia.

In the course of the last two months the new promotional tool brought 15,000 new visitors to Balkan Insight.