BIRN Serbia Holds Evaluation Meeting

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Belgrade – BIRN Serbia organised an evaluation meeting for journalists who in the last three years have participated in the Minority Media Training and Reporting Project.

24 journalists from South Serbia, the Sandzak region, Vojvodina, Kosovo and Montenegro participated in the discussion, which is almost one third of the total number of journalists who passed through BIRN Serbia’s training programme.

The evaluation meeting with journalists from the BIRN Serbia network is part of the overall review of project results.
This is an ongoing initiative which should be completed by mid June, and includes, besides journalists, all the key participants in implementing the Minority Media Training and Reporting Project as well as its beneficiaries such as editors from the Serbian media, Balkan Insight subscribers and other relevant stakeholders.

The meeting, organised at Belgrade’s Media Centre, was moderated by Mr. Danko Cosic of ProConcept, ( ) who developed the methodology for the evaluation of entire project.

The Minority Media Training and Reporting Project, generously supported by the British Embassy in Belgrade since 2005, aims to improve standards of journalism in areas with substantial minority populations and to improve understanding of minority issues among the mainstream population and decision makers, thereby challenging the current mood of suspicion and misunderstanding.
In course of the last three years, 84 journalists have passed through the primary level training while 76 of them went through the advanced level on job mentoring. 159 articles and 11 investigations were produced and published in Balkan Insight ( as a result of the training activities and 11 public debates on the most pressing social and political topics were held in Belgrade and targeted areas.
The final report of the evaluation will assess the activities and results in the past three years and provide BIRN with ideas for future development.