BIRN SaM Completes Transition Project

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BIRN SaM has successfully completed the implementation of the Democratic Transition and Reintegration in Serbia Project, fulfilling all the obligations and goals defined in the project proposal.

This project was designed to draw the public’s attention to reform areas in which local NGOs are engaged and help to build support and momentum for positive changes in legislation and policy.

BIRN SaM’s network has been helping existing NGO initiatives in Serbia through the production of articles and in-depth analyses regarding the important issues they are dealing with and highlighting their role in advocacy.

The issues and initiatives covered have included trade between Kosovo and Serbia; civilian control of the armed forces; domestic violence; religious freedom; gender equality; minority rights; and Roma rights and youth employment.

Three out of eight articles were in-depth analysis (trade between Kosovo and Serbia , civilian control of the armed forces, domestic violence); the remainder features and news analysis.

The project was sponsored by the Freedom House, Serbia.