BIRN Conducted a Workshop in Budva

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BIRN SaM conducted a four-day workshop for ten journalists from around Montenegro.

Training focused on the consequences of the independence referendum in Montenegro and related topics.

discussed with trainers and editors the most important issues facing
the new state; how to tackle stories and structure them.

were also talks on news analysis/feature production and diversity
reporting, as part of the BIRN primary level training module.

trainees worked with Dragana Nikolic Solomon, BIRN SaM director,
Gordana Igric, BIRN editor in chief and Ana Petruseva, BIRN Macedonia

Eight articles were commissioned for a special package on issues arising from the Montenegrin referendum.

that have successfully completed primary level training have become
members of BIRN correspondents network, and the BIRN core team in

Sponsored by the British
Embassy in Belgrade, the Montenegro training programme is part of a
three-year-long minority journalism training and reporting project. For
more info please contact Dragana Nikolic Solomon, BIRN SaM.