BIRN at 4M Conference

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BIRN’s Slobodan Georgiev participates in the 4M Conference in the French town of Montpellier as the only journalist from Serbia.

The 4M (Montpellier, Mediterranean, Media, Mutations) conference, sponsored by the Canal France International,  is devoted to new media and journalism, with special emphasis on reporting the elections and revolutions that have shaken the Arab world last summer.
Given that 2011 was marked by the Arab Spring, and 2012 by elections that were held or will take place in Russia, USA, France, Tunisia, Egypt and Greece, the theme of the conference in Montpellier is “E- politics: after the Revolutions, the elections.”

Over one hundred bloggers and journalists from online and print press, and audiovisual platforms from around the world will discuss the impact of media on elections and the role of internet in democratic changes.  Discussion threads are „Is the internet a new maker of kings?”, “From citizen journalism to professional journalism: the keys of change? “ and  «Investigating on the web: an asset or a constraint?”.

As the only journalist from Serbia,  Slobodan Georgiev participated on the panel “The Internet is a new kingmaker”, together with colleagues from the United States, Senegal and Egypt.

Slobodan Georgiev is Serbian journalist, coordinator of projects in the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, and administrator of “5 dimes for the media”, a Facebook group which was active in shaping public discussion on internet during the recent elections in Serbia.