Under the Spotlight: Infrastructure Projects in Serbia

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January 2023 – January 2024

BIRN Serbia


National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Main Objectives:

  • Overall objective of the project: to promote accountability of the government through quality media reporting based on the facts. Our reporting will put under spotlight the capacities of the Government and its relevant bodies to run infrastructure projects and their accountability to citizens.

Specific Objectives:

  • Establishing facts related to the planning, management and impact of infrastructural projects delivered in Serbia
  • Informing the public about infrastructure projects and their impact on society

Main activities:

  • Journalistic research and production – BIRN will produce at least 5 thematic packages annually (analytical and investigative content) to be published on the birn.rs platform. The content will be done in-house by BIRN’s journalists and editors. As proposed topics require extensive field work, we will also rely on local journalists to participate in the project if/when appropriate. In-depth stories will be specifically edited, following standards applied on the length, paragraphing and presentation of facts. We will make available additional multimedia materials, visualize data and documents, provide photos etc.
  • Extensive database creation and open documents to the public are BIRN’s mitigation method on the overall negative trend of closing institutions and denying access to data, supporting BIRN efforts to keep public institutions accountable and transparent. BIRN will provide a) interactive data and documents base creation: and b) production of multimedia material, such as illustrations, visualisations, videos and photo galleries.
  • Online promotion and raising awareness will enable the project findings’ promotion using multiple online communication platforms and formats.
  1. Target Groups:

State institutions: the Cadastre, relevant ministries, Treasury administration, Tax Administration

Main Implementer:

BIRN Serbia