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5-May-2017 to 5-May-2019

BIRN Kosovo

Enhancing public participation in decision making processes by improving accountability and transparency of public institutions in Kosovo.

Information Sheet


BIRN Kosovo aims to provide momentum to the consolidation of democracy in Kosovo, by fostering an environment of transparency and accountability as the cornerstones of sustainability. In this regard, we seek to utilize professional, balanced, and objective information through media channels, thus helping reduce barriers to internal stability and keeping the powerful accountable. BIRN Kosovo also utilizes an established arm of monitoring public institutions, and regularly reporting on their work. This includes encouraging public debate, in which transparency is sought from public officials who are held to account for their performance. BIRN team produces regular news stories, investigations, analysis and debate shows for TV broadcast. The team also publishes online news and analysis, feature stories and investigations. In this regard, we also publish and broadcast reports that result from the monitoring of the courts, judicial system, public procurement and public services


MOTT Foundation

Main Objective:

Enhancing public participation in decision making processes by improving accountability and transparency of public institutions in Kosovo.

Specific Objective:

Combining hard-hitting journalism and civil activism to encourage people to be informed and engaged in this critical period of Kosovo’s history

Main Activities:

Investigative Reporting

  • Production of the televised programme, Life in Kosovo; on current affairs;
  • Production of the weekly televized programme, Justice in Kosovo;
  • Publication of Prishtina Insight and Balkan Insight
  • Gazeta Jeta në Kosovë newspaper
  • Training and on-the-job training;
  • Monitoring of public services, public administration and public procurement;
  • Publications and Roundtables;
  • Media element: Publications and Broadcasting;
  • Cooperation with other organizations and local NGOs to follow all  significant cases and send complaints for the ill practices in the public services to all relevant institutions.

Target Groups:

The groups that BIRN targets through its activities are mainly political representatives and public service institutions with a focus on courts, health and education structures, under-represented communities, local and regional civil society organizations and media institutions.

Specifically, the beneficiaries include: the audience of about 350,000 who watch the TV programs produced by BIRN Kosovo (Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo); judges and prosecutors who will be getting detailed reporting on the monitoring of their trials, analyzing their work and recommending areas for improvement; journalists, monitors, researchers and civil society activists who participate in BIRN workshops envisaged to take place within two years time; over 26 Kosovo municipalities which will have their court, education and healthcare services monitored; approximately 1,000 speakers, interviewees and panellists from businesses, the political sphere, culture, health, etc., communities who will participate in BIRN Kosovo programs yearly, namely policy makers, political representatives, civil society activists and marginalized social and ethnic groups including women, youth, ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, religious minorities, and disabled persons; about 70 speakers and panellists representing more than 30 local civil society organizations; local politicians and the local population that participate and watch BIRN Kosovo local governance and election TV debates; the international community living in Kosovo and the region, who read Prishtina Insight and Balkan Insight content produced by BIRN Kosovo in cooperation with BIRN regional office.


2,100 written articles covering issues of public administration, public procurement, and public services related to municipal debates organized during the electoral campaign, covering different promises and public statements delivered by public officials, also covering issues of public services and management of public funds 364 articles with fast facts published on a general overview of the situation in the municipalities and local governance of Kosovo

79 long articles published related to the Brussels-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Main implementer:

BIRN Kosovo


Local partnerships:

  1. Radio Television of Kosova;
  2. Internews Kosova;
  3. Crossing Bridges Productions;
  4. Institute for Advanced Studies, GAP;
  5. Advocacy Training and Recourse Centre;
  6. Kosova Democratic Institute, KDI;
  7. Fol 08 Civic Initiative;
  8. Media Center in Gracanica;
  9. TV Opinioni (Prizren);
  10. TV Syri (Gjakova);
  11. TV Vali (Gjilan);
  12. TV Dukagjini (Peja);
  13. Radio FushëKosova;
  14. Radio Gorazhdevac;
  15. Nansen Dialogue Mitrovica;
  16. Initiative for Progress, NGO (Ferizaj);
  17. Caritas (Mitrovica);
  18. Syri i Vizionit (Peja);
  19. Community Building Mitrovica, CBM;
  20. Forum for Civic Initiative;
  21. Kosovar Institute for Journalism and Communication;
  22. Institute for Advanced Studies – GAP;
  23. Group for Legal and Political Studies, GLPS;
  24. Dokufest;
  25. Institute for Development Policy – INDEP;
  26. Iniciativa Ambientale për Zhvillim Lokal – IAZHL;

Regional partnerships

  1. Youth Initiative for Human Rights;
  2. B92 Television;
  3. BIRN Albania;
  4. BIRN Serbia;
  5. BIRN Macedonia;
  6. BIRN Bosnia and Hercegovina;
  7. TV Aldi, Presheve.

International cooperation and partnerships

  1. National Institute for Democracy, NDI;
  2. Global Radio News;
  3. Jane’s Defence Weekly;
  4. Investigative Journalism School;
  5. International Debate Association;
  6. Columbia School of Journalism;
  7. Safer World;
  8. Dart Foundation;
  9. Frontline Club;
  10. Youth Project of the World Bank;
  11. Balkan Sunflowers;
  12. BBC Training Centre.